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Buying Philippine Condominiums: Looking for a Condominium in Manila, Philippines
Home > Buying Philippine Condominiums: Looking for a Condominium in Manila, Philippines

Condo Real Estate For Buyers

This article consist of information and condominium real estate services for buying a condo unit in the Philippines, City of Manila, Makati, Alabang, Paranaque, Las Pinas, Mandaluyong and Fort BOnifacio Global City areas. The Phil Condominium Search is easy to use and very helpful if you are interested in searching for your ideal condo and you can request a specifications and We find the ideal condo for you. As a Realtorฎ, is a professional service that are not only limited to giving you condo information but assist you personally to decide for the best condo before they buy a property. Try our Phil Condo Search for fast and professional information about the condo property that you are eyeing for. provides you with Community reports designed to help you in your search for information on purchasing the right condominium. The Resource Center page includes useful condo real estate information from developers that we have been researched for you. There are sections devoted to Condominiums guides and needs, schools, real estate map information, home and design, maps and Ready for occupancy condos and Preselling. If you are selling your condo in City of Manila, Makati, Alabang, Paranaque, Las Pinas, Mandaluyong and Fort Bonifacio Global City areas, please be sure to visit the section for selling a home to obtain an online market analysis of your home. I hope you enjoy your visit and come back soon. I am always available for personal service by phone or email, so please contact me with questions any time! ++632-9865875

Philippine Condominium Buying Advices to Share to Condo Buyers

Things Not To Do Before Buying a Condo in the Philippines,
Condo Property Connsiderations:

• No Major Purchases of Any Kind, Appliances, Car, Jewelries and Travel
• Don't Move Money Around
• Think about: Should You Change Jobs?
• Check your Possible Reasons to Delay Buying a Condo Property

Buying a Condo With Resale Value: Location
• Most important factor is - Location, Location, Location..
• Condominium Location : Local Community, Town or City
• Condominium Location: the Local Neighborhood
• Condominium Location: the Residential Neighborhood

Buying a Condo With Resale Value: the Condominium is your Home
• A Condo With a View?
• Condo Floor Cut, Type
• Condo Size
• Bedrooms & Bathrooms
• Closets, Parking & Laundry
• Health and Fitness
• Kitchen Area
• Amenities and Security

Know Why Buying a Condo is a Good Idea
• The Best Investment
• Stable Monthly Housing Costs
• Forced Savings
• Freedom and Individuality

The Business Cycle and Buying a Condo
• Know the Supply and Demand
• Recession and Expansion
• Should You Try to "Time the Market"?
• What's More important - Buying a House? Or a Condo?

Don't Buy a Car - or Did You Already Got One?
• When Income Grows and You Want to Buy "Stuff"
• Debt-to-Income Ratios and Car Payments
• How Buying a Car Reduces Your Purchase Price

Importance of having A Realtor Broker?
• Finding an Agent in the web
• Listing Agents vs. Selling (Buyer's) Agents
• Should You Call the Listing Agent?
• Agent's Advertising - Is the Purpose What You Think?
• Try Finding Your Own Realtor
• Some Basics about the Search
• Know How to Conduct the Search
• Discussion with a Good Realtor

Issues Affecting Your Rea Estate Condo Offer Price
• How Property Condition Affects Your Offer
• How Condo Improvements Affect Your Offer
• How Market Conditions Affect Your Offer
• How Seller Incentive Affects Your Offer
• The Final Conclusion on Your Offer Price

Overview to Purchase Real Estate: the Basics
• Introduction and Overview
• Contingencies in a Purchase Offer
• Earnest Money Deposit
• The Closing Date
• Transfer of Possession

How Financing Facts Affect Your Offer
• Down Payment
• Interest Rate
• Closing Costs and Financing Incentives
• Seller Financing
• Cash Offers

Characters of an Offer: Protect Regarding the Property
• Disclosures from the Vendor
• Condition of the Property upon Transfer
• Condominium Inspections You May Require
• Final Walk-Through Inspection

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